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The Hinsdale Doings ran this full page article Friday July 16th, 1993.


It's easy to pay top dollar for a gutter repair, a door off its hinge or a simple patch job of some cracked plaster. But who wants to pay an arm and a leg for such minor repairs?

Ten‑year Hinsdale resident Bill Moynihan might be the solution to minor household repairs and remodeling needs. Moynihan's company, Workplace Pride, which essentially is Moynihan, is able to tackle the smallest projects for a reasonable price. Unlike the bigger home remodeling companies, which have high overhead, pay union wages and have many workers, Workplace Pride is a small, for the most part oneman operation that specializes in the little jobs that big companies might just as soon overlook.

"The big guys don't want to fool around with small stuff, but somebody's got to do it," Moynihan said. "If it's too big a job for me, I'll tell the customer to go get bids from three contractors."

Building an addition or gutting an entire, house would be too big for Moynihan. But no job is too small. And the robust Moynihan seems to have an infinite supply of energy and can do virtually anything from minor electrical to plumbing to drywall to tile work to cabinets to gutters to decks, you name it. Moynihan is the quintessential handyman.

Based on comments from his customers. Moynihan does good work. Moynihan completely remodeled a bathroom in the house of Hinsdale resident Joann Roney, who has lived in the village all her life. He did everything from tile work to plumbing to installing cabinets.

"He's a real character," Roney said. "He's extremely trustworthy, he charges fairly and he's reliable. I'm very pleased with his work."

He recently matched an old doorway in a 75‑year‑old Hinsdale house. Barbara Bassett, the owner of the house, said he cut an opening in a wall, installed the jamb and matched the door and old moldings around the arched doorway.

"He's very good, very careful and very precise," Bassett said. "I'd hire him back in a minute. In fact, he's supposed to be giving us some quotes on other work. He's great."

The majority of his business is in Clarendon Hills and Hinsdale. Launched as a full‑time business only 10 months ago, Workplace Pride apparently is beginning to take off. Moynihan said he is very busy because word is getting around that he and his construction limo make up a legitimate, insured operation.

Moynihan has been operating Workplace Pride and doing odd jobs sporadically since 1989. Born and raised in Hartford, Conn., Moynihan learned nearly every aspect of construction working for his dad's building company. At 18, he joined the Navy to avoid being drafted into the Army or Marines and spent four years at sea during the Korean War. After returning from the war, he went to Ricker College, in Houlton, Maine, and received a bachelor's in history and psychology.

He worked as a social worker for the state of Connecticut for three years and then went to work for Stanley Tools. For the next three years, Moynihan said he traveled 40 states doing tool demonstrations at hardware stores and lumber yards in well known places and in some of the most remote, isolated spots in the country.

He met and married his wife, Kathy, in 1968 when he came to work for the Stanley Distribution Center in Chicago. Moynihan continued in sales of tools and industrial tools until 1971, when he started 3S Corp., an industrial surface cleaning company that used water to blast clean the surfaces of smokestacks and industrial buildings.

3S represents shovel, scrape and sweep. Working mostly for large companies like Commonwealth Edison, U.S. Steel and General Motors, Moynihan dissolved 3S in 1986 when he said high insurance rates forced him out of the business.

Ten‑year Clarendon Hills resident Jan Vesely considers Moynihan "her handyman." Divorced with children in a 66‑year‑old house, Vesely said there is always something that needs fixing. "He does excellent work," Vescly said. "What I like about him is he's very, very honest, very reasonable and he gets the work done. He's very trustworthy. I work so I just give bin a key and he comes and goes. My kids love him. In fact, he might be here now.,,

Nearly all his customers have been pleased with his work.

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